Why Write Young Adult Fiction?


Why Write Young Adult Fiction?

Whether you’re reminiscing your teenage years or you’re still living them, the dramas and revelations of adolescence is an inspiration to writers and readers alike.

First loves, first heartbreak, first rejection, first success; teenage years are shaped by revelation, rebellion and self-discovery.

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Almost everyone says ‘one day, I’ll write a children’s book’, but for so many people, ‘one day’ never arrives. Whether you struggle to find the time in a busy schedule or can’t find the words to put your amazing ideas to paper, it’s so difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why Write Storybooks for Children is jam-packed with practical, imaginative and engaging guidance that will fill any writer with confidence. Filled with little-known tips and tricks to develop your ideas, write incredible dialogue and bring memorable characters to life, Write Storybooks for Children and the expert development team behind it guide you through every single step of the writing journey.

With our help, you’ll soon be on your way to your very own happily ever after.

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