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Welcome to our writing for children blog! Here you’ll find our latest articles, news and updates from the world of children’s literature. The information shared on this blog has been designed to complement the training, tools, tips and techniques you’ll discover inside our award-winning Write Storybooks for Children online course and offer you continued support in your journey to becoming a successful children’s writer!

12 Reads of Christmas 2018!

December is finally here and it’s definitely the season to be jolly! The halls are decked, wine is mulled and the lights are twinkling, so the only thing left is to announce our fabulously festive competitions.   We all love a #GuessThatStory challenge, so this year,...

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Once Upon a Time: Writing Fractured Fairy Tales

Once Upon a Time: Writing Fractured Fairy Tales A fairy tale is a traditional short story which features magical or fantastical elements, like dragons, witches, ogres, talking animals and magic. They aren't necessarily tied to particular locations or real events, but...

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Winter Writing Competition

The nights are getting longer, the days colder and the urge to curl up with a good story book is getting stronger. It can only mean one thing… it’s time for our annual Winter Writing Competition! jQuery(function ($) { //Set first menu item as active $('#et-main-area...

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Trick or Treat! Our Favourite Books About All Things Sweet

With autumn nights drawing in closer, a certain spooktacular celebration is right around the corner! This Halloween discover plenty of treats with a little hint of trickery as you sink your teeth into these sweet reads! We've previously written about all things scary,...

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World Book Day Winners

What a day! We received hundreds and hundreds of entries for our World Book Day competition, so thank you to everyone who has taken part! We loved reading every entry; there’s nothing that makes us happier than watching everyone embrace the joy that reading can bring....

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World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today! To celebrate, we are running a brand new competition on the hour, every hour! There’s loads of chances to win some amazing prizes worth £1000’s, so be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to join in on the fun – Good luck!...

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Writing Competition!

This February, we are spreading the love in your direction…

 Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s no denying that it’s the season of love! For many of you, this may be your very first Valentine’s with Write Romance Fiction, but instead of giving out...

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Competition Winners Announcement

Write Story Books For Children: 
Christmas Short Story Writing Competition 2017 Competition: Missi’s Festive or Winter Adventure. A few months back WriteStoryBooksForChildren decided to put your new found writing skills to the test in their short story...

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12 Reads of Christmas Winners!

Father Christmas definitely has been and we're still basking in the festive spirit, thanks to everyone who took part in our 12 Reads of Christmas competition! We felt just like his elves, checking through hundreds upon hundreds of entries to find our 12 winners....

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12 Reads of Christmas 2017!

Christmas Competition Time! From the 1st of December to 24th December, we’re offering a new competition with a different prize to be won every other day – linked to the rhyme of the 12 days of Christmas. Christmas is finally upon us, and ‘tis the season to be jolly!...

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2017 Christmas Short Story Competition!

Write Short Stories For Children Competition! Christmas 2017 Exciting News! Therefore, this Christmas, it seemed fitting that we see out the year in style, by introducing a 'write short stories for children' competition!

 We have decided to put your writing skills to...

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Be Bold for Change: Inspirational Female Authors

Inspirational Female Authors If you’ve turned on the news or opened a paper, you’ll surely know that today is International Women’s Day! Every year on March 8th, people gather to celebrate, campaign, raise awareness and fight for gender parity across the world,...

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Cats in Books: Our Top Fictional Felines

Why are we talking about cats in books on a writing blog? Because it’s World Cat Day! So many stories are full of cat companions or even as protagonists themselves, so we’ve put together a list of our favourites. The only thing second to real life cats are the ones in...

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Writing about Wintery Worlds

Winter is Coming: Writing about Wintery Worlds. All across the land, bright lights illuminating our streets, there’s a sharp nip in the air, and walking bundles of scarves and woollen coats dash about the streets, hurrying to get out of the cold: winter is...

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12 Reads of Christmas Winners

Christmas Competition Winners 12 Days of Christmas; Winners Announcement 

 Father Christmas certainly has come early to the Write Storybooks office; our students certainly have been getting into the spirit of the season and our inbox has been full to the brim with...

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12 Reads of Christmas

Christmas Competition Time 12 Days of Christmas; Prize Give-a-way Competition! 

 WriteStorybooksForChildren.com (courtesy of Digital Sea Ltd) are feeling festive and entering into the season of giving and goodwill to all… From 1st of December for 12 days we will be...

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Bonfire and Fireworks

Descriptive Storytelling Tips for Bonfire Night
 Halloween might be finished up for another year, but there’s one more annual celebration before we start decking the halls and practicing our carol singing. This coming Saturday, the 5th of November, marks Bonfire...

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Writing for Halloween – The witching hour approaches!

Writing for Halloween The witching hour approaches! Whatever your thoughts on Halloween, everyone, very deep down, loves to be frightened. There is something special about the thrill of the unknown, not quite knowing what is lurking around the corner, but plucking up...

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Special Company Announcement!

Special Company Announcement! A new Mascot is born… Digital Sea Limited has a new furry friend and mascot! We hope you will join in the fun this weekend by playing ‘Guess the Name’. The winner will receive a gift voucher (of their choice) to any of Digital Sea...

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Plot, Plot, and more Plot! Part Three: Conflict With What?

The conflict itself can come from any number of things. Perhaps the most common conflict comes from other human beings. It is also the most absorbing, because what interests readers most is people.  Your readers can identify with the actions, reactions and motives of...

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Plot, Plot, and more Plot! Part Two: Plot Means Conflict

All plots contain an element of conflict. Conflict is also explained within Module One of the Write Storybook For Children Course. Without it you will not have a story to write.  In this context, conflict simply means opposition to the characters' goals. This does not...

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Plot, Plot, and more Plot! Part One: Defining the Plot

We talk about plotting in depth in Module Six of our writing for children course, and we stick by the conclusion that there is no single aspect of writing children's stories that is more important than plotting.  Good stories are never written 'off the cuff' with the...

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Strict Structuring for Children’s Writing

When it comes to the actual mechanics of putting pen to paper many people start to become unsure of themselves. They may have plenty of ideas, they may have worked out a watertight and brilliantly original plot and they may have a collection of interesting and...

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10 New Children’s Books that will kick-start your 2016

Here at Write Story Books, we have trawled through the World Wide Web for a sneak peek at what children’s books you need to get excited about in 2016. So are you ready to see what we came up with? Here it goes (in no particular order): ‘Jolly Foul Play’ by Robin...

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Why Children Read Books

As a children's writer it is important to look closely at why children read. If you are going to write for children you have to appreciate why children bother to read for pleasure. Throughout all the age ranges one of the main attractions of literature is character...

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Discover the secrets to writing and publishing successful children's stories

Almost everyone says ‘one day, I’ll write a children’s book’, but for so many people, ‘one day’ never arrives. Whether you struggle to find the time in a busy schedule or can’t find the words to put your amazing ideas to paper, it’s so difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why Write Storybooks for Children is jam-packed with practical, imaginative and engaging guidance that will fill any writer with confidence. Filled with little-known tips and tricks to develop your ideas, write incredible dialogue and bring memorable characters to life, Write Storybooks for Children and the expert development team behind it guide you through every single step of the writing journey.

With our help, you’ll soon be on your way to your very own happily ever after.

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