Become a Certified Children’s Writer


The world of children’s fiction is your oyster with the training, confidence and a CPD Certified ‘Write Storybooks For Children’ certification behind you!


Showcase your expertise and credentials

certified children's writing courseOn completion of this comprehensive children’s story writing course you will be awarded with a professionally designed, CPD Certified Certificate of Achievement – printed with your name, grade, passing date and a list of all training modules completed.


Attract clients, enhance job prospects, advance your career.

Passing the ‘Write Storybooks for Children’ course is an achievement that not only gives you a huge sense of personal pride, but one that can also offer career advantages.

Many of our students have successfully used their certificates to standout at interviews, earn promotion and attract clients.


Cutting-edge career advantages

As a respected certification provider you’ll also be able to add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile with one-click, right from your course account. You’ll gain instant industry recognition and visibility.

Write Storybooks For Children is a trusted training provider of schools, colleges and academic institutes worldwide. By taking this course you gain a genuine certification and the peace-of-mind assurance that the training you are receiving has met strict external quality criteria.